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Nordic Skiing

Explore the Beauty of Nordic Skiing in the Rangeley Lakes Region

For snow enthusiasts who prefer the tranquility of longer, scenic trails over downhill thrills, Nordic skiing is a beloved winter pastime. While alpine skiing captures much of the spotlight, Nordic skiing offers a fantastic way to stay active in the crisp winter air.

In Nordic skiing, you have two main styles: classic cross-country skiing, where you glide forward, and skate skiing, where you shift your weight diagonally, swaying side to side. These techniques propel you forward on well-groomed trails, which can be both flat and gently hilly. Poles play a significant role, engaging your core and boosting your speed.

The real beauty of Nordic skiing lies in its perfect marriage of exercise and natural beauty. It allows you to revel in the wonders of the great outdoors, with forests, mountains, and valleys as your backdrop.

Rangeley Lake Trail Center: Your Nordic Skiing Haven

Nestled at the base of Saddleback Mountain in Maine's western mountains, the Rangeley Lake Trail Center beckons all Nordic skiers. With an annual snowfall of over 200 inches, this center boasts meticulously groomed trails that are a joy to explore.

What makes Rangeley Lake Trail Center exceptional is its commitment to creating a world-class multi-use trail system. Here, skiers revel in a winter wonderland spread over 50 kilometers of Nordic ski trails, both groomed and left in their natural state. The terrain ranges from easy to intermediate and advanced, catering to all skill levels.

To make it even more inviting, some of these trails are dog-friendly, ensuring that everyone can join in the Nordic skiing fun. Also, don't forget to explore the hiking trails offered by Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust, which are open for Nordic skiing during the winter season.

Discover the peace and beauty of Nordic skiing in the Rangeley Lakes Region, where the outdoors becomes your playground.

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