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Exploring Trip Possibilities? Let's Unveil Them...

Discover a wealth of inspiration for your upcoming journey through a curated collection of itineraries, catering to a spectrum of tastes and preferences.

Are you inclined towards a leisurely escape, basking in the serenity of sandy shores, or are you an adventurer yearning for thrilling exploits among the mountains, lakes and clouds? In the Rangeley Lakes Region, your dream getaway takes shape. Whether you're arriving with family, friends, that special someone, or seeking solitary solace amidst the majestic mountains, this haven promises you well-deserved reprieve, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Irrespective of your purpose or the season you choose for your visit, an array of offerings awaits. To assist you in crafting the perfect journey, we've meticulously crafted a selection of recommended itineraries.

From the seasoned hiker or outdoors person to the leisurely wanderer, the Rangeley Region promises an outdoor experience tailored to your pace.

Lake Jumping

A Family Mid-Week Summer Escape

In the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine, family-friendly adventures are plentiful, with a wide range of options, from serene lake boating and kid-friendly hikes to captivating museums and aerial tours. What's not widely known is that on weekdays, these fantastic activities are often less crowded, providing your family with ample opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Bald Mountain Hike

A Multigenerational Summer Escape

For an unforgettable multigenerational family getaway, the secret lies in offering activities that cater to diverse age groups. Fortunately, the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine excels in this regard, with a wealth of options that include nostalgic experiences such as a ride on the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad, guided fly-fishing adventures, interesting museums, scenic plane tours, and easy hikes leading to breathtaking vistas, all complemented by a selection of family-friendly dining establishments.

Couples Adventure

Embrace Autumn's Adventure with an Energetic Couple's Getaway

While couples' massages and lakeside cocktails have their charm, if you and your partner believe in the adage 'the couple that sweats together, stays together,' then a long weekend in the vibrant fall landscape of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine is the perfect destination to revel in the most thrilling aspects of the season.

Union Log Church

An Ideal Weekend for History Enthusiasts

Just like the expanse and depth of Mooselookmeguntic or Rangeley Lakes, the history of the Rangeley Lakes Region is extensive. Step into the past and expand your exploration of historical treasures beyond the typical museums with this distinctive list of historical gems scattered across the Rangeley Lakes Region.

Winter Equipment Rentals

Winter Fun for Energetic Families

While the lakes may be frozen, there's no shortage of fantastic winter activities for families in the Rangeley Lakes Region. From skiing down the renowned Saddleback Mountain, one of Maine's highest peaks, to enjoying a thrilling night of bowling at Moose Alley, to a day of snowmobiling through miles and miles of wilderness, this winter promises exciting adventures for your active family.

Spas and Wellness

Discovering Wellness in the Rangeley Lakes Region

Bid farewell to vacations that leave you drained, and instead, purposefully choose to transform your next escape to the Rangeley Lakes Region into a rejuvenating experience for your mind, body, and spirit.

Craft your very own wellness retreat by immersing yourself in outdoor activities, yoga sessions, rejuvenating bodywork, and savoring healthy dining choices.

When it comes to relaxation, there's no one-size-fits-all approach, so embrace the freedom to follow your inner compass during your Rangeley Region getaway.

scenic drive in fall

Fall Foliage Excursion

Nature puts on a stunning show as the mountainsides are painted with the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows of the changing foliage. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the dazzling color variations in sun-draped ridges and valleys.

On the road, trail or attending a festival there are many ways to experience nature's colorful bounty. Hike the area's extensive trail system, paddle a river or lake, fishing, or take a leisurely drive for breathtaking scenic foliage views.


Smalls Falls in the Fall

Waterfall Tours

For those seeking a gentler introduction to the breathtaking beauty of our region, we suggest beginning your journey with a delightful waterfall road trip. Let the cascading waters be your guide as you embark on a scenic exploration, immersing yourself in the serene allure of our natural wonders.

Join us on a cascade-filled odyssey – the perfect prelude to the boundless adventures awaiting you in our outdoor paradise.

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