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Discover the Majesty of Maine's Wildlife in Rangeley

In the heart of the Rangeley Lakes Region, a land brimming with pristine beauty and natural splendor, the opportunity to engage in wildlife watching is an irresistible call. The call of the wild resonates through the craggy mountains, pine forests, and mossy bogs that characterize this magnificent region, providing nature enthusiasts with the chance to witness Maine's mesmerizing wildlife, including the iconic moose and the enchanting loon.

An Age-Old Tradition of Wildlife Pursuit

For generations, the pursuit of Maine's native wildlife has been a cherished tradition, and in Rangeley, this tradition continues to thrive. As pristine streams cascade from the rugged peaks, weaving through pine forests, and mossy bogs teem with birds and turtles, this region's appeal is undeniable. The sparkling lakes are home to an array of unique fish species, unseen anywhere else on the East Coast. And if you're fortunate, you might have the chance to encounter moose, black bears, bobcats, white-tailed deer, coyotes, turtles, and other native animals.

Best Viewing Times and Places for Moose Spotting

While the Rangeley Lakes Region is blessed with a diversity of wildlife, the grand moose takes center stage. The best times to spot these majestic creatures are at dawn and dusk, especially during the months from mid-May through July and during the fall, which marks their breeding season, known as the rut. Fall is also when the bull moose boasts its impressive antlers. By November or December, they shed their antlers, only for new, larger antlers to grow back in the spring.

Prime Moose Viewing Routes

Moose are known for their massive size, making them more visible in open areas. As you embark on your wildlife quest, consider the following routes:

  • Route 4: Between Phillips and Rangeley
  • Route 16: Between Rangeley and Stratton
  • Route 16/27: Between Stratton and Carrabassett Valley
  • Route 27: Between Eustis and Chain of Ponds

Moose are often spotted along logging roads, foraging in wet boggy areas, taking respite in gravel pits, or making their way along hiking and snowmobile trails. Their sightings can be an unforgettable experience.

Moose Safaris: A Guided Wildlife Adventure

For an even greater chance to observe moose, you can engage the services of an outfitter who specializes in moose-watching tours, also known as moose safaris. These tours provide a safe and comfortable setting to witness these magnificent creatures up close, while knowledgeable guides share insights into their habits and habitats. During the right season, some tours have even spotted as many as 20 moose on a single outing, offering a truly extraordinary experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

Embrace the Majesty of Maine's Wildlife in Rangeley

In Rangeley, Maine, the beauty of the natural world comes to life through wildlife watching. Whether you're seeking a glimpse of the awe-inspiring moose at dawn, the hauntingly beautiful call of the loon on a serene lake, or any of the region's other captivating creatures, the Rangeley Lakes Region promises an extraordinary canvas of natural wonders. So, don your hiking boots, pack your binoculars, and venture into the breathtaking world of wildlife that thrives in this untouched paradise.

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