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Discover the Ultimate Boating Experience in Rangeley Lakes Region

Are you ready to set sail on an unforgettable boating adventure? The Rangeley Lakes Region, nestled in the Western Mountains of Maine, offers a myriad of opportunities to explore its pristine waters, from the grandeur of large lakes to the tranquility of smaller ponds and streams.

A Boater's Paradise:

The Rangeley Lakes Region is a boater's dream come true, with vast expanses of water waiting to be discovered. Lakes like Rangeley, Flagstaff, Mooselookmeguntic, Richardson, and Aziscohos are so vast that you could spend days exploring their hidden corners.

Solitude and Serenity:

If you crave a more secluded boating experience, smaller ponds, winding streams, and gentle rivers provide the perfect backdrop for canoeing or enjoying a small boat adventure. These serene waters offer a quieter escape into nature's embrace.

Gear Up with Ease:

Don't worry if you don't have your own watercraft; the Rangeley Lakes Region has you covered. Numerous businesses in the area rent everything from canoes and kayaks to larger boats for fishing and touring. When you rent, be sure to listen to the experts – they'll provide valuable hints and safety instructions for a smooth boating experience.

Access All Areas:

Most lakes and ponds in the region have public access points, making it easy to launch your boating adventure.

  • Rangeley Lake boasts ramps at Rangeley Lake State Park, Town Park in Rangeley, and near the Oquossoc village bridge on Route 4.
  • Mooselookmeguntic can be accessed via the Haines Landing, Cupsuptic River and Route 16 heading towards New Hampshire, or the State of Maine Public Boat Launch at Upper Dam Road.
  • Upper Richardson Lake has access at the State of Maine Public Boat Launch at Mill Brook Landing on Route 16.
  • Aziscohos Lake can be reached from the ramp at Black Brook Cove Campground on Route 16. Just remember to bring a depth map for Aziscohos Lake due to its shallow nature.
  • Flagstaff Lake at Flagstaff Lake Boat Launch off Route 16, but always check with locals for updates as Flagstaff Lake can be challenging due to its size and underwater obstacles.

Safety First:

Boating in the Rangeley Lakes Region comes with some important considerations. Always keep an eye on the weather – sudden storms can bring high winds and waves of 5 to 6 feet. Inform others of your boating plans for safety's sake. In unfamiliar waters, take it slow as some lakes have minimal markings for rocks and obstructions.

Local Wisdom:

For the most up-to-date information and insider tips, don't hesitate to chat with the friendly locals. They can provide valuable insights on the current conditions and any potential hazards.

Guided Adventures:

If you prefer a guided boating experience, local registered Maine Guides are at your service. Many offer both scheduled and private boat tours on the larger lakes. You can embark on these tours in comfortable pontoon boats or smaller power boats, ranging from one-hour excursions to half-day adventures.

The Rangeley Lakes Region invites you to embark on a boating journey like no other. So, gather your crew, check the weather, and set your course for a remarkable aquatic adventure in this picturesque Maine paradise.

Don't forget to always wear your PFD while on the water! 

For more information on boating in Maine please visit Maine Department of Inland Fishing and Wildlife.

Maine waters, as well as the fish, wildlife, and recreation they support, are threatened each year by introductions of fish, plants, diseases, and other aquatic invasive species that compete with and displace native natural communities. Do your part by learning how to properly clean and dry your watercraft, motor, trailer and equipment before leaving water access.

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