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Art & Culture

Arts & Culture

Discover the amazing beauty of the Rangeley Region! It's famous for its breathtaking scenery and exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy all year long. But there's even more to love – the Rangeley Region is a hub of artistic talent too. The stunning natural surroundings inspire local artists, and they also draw in artists from around the world.

As the seasons change, the landscapes transform into vibrant displays of color in the fall and get covered in sparkling snow in the winter. And guess what? No matter the time of year, you can always explore one-of-a-kind artworks at a nearby gallery. Come experience the magic of art and nature in the Rangeley Region!

Performing Arts in the Rangeley Region

The Rangeley Friends of the Arts (The RFA) brings the Arts to Life!  Looking to catch a concert, comedian or a classical theatrical show? The RFA brings local theatre productions to life offering popular and classic musicals, dramas and comedies for locals and visitors, while the popular Annual Rangeley Health & Wellness Benefit Concert draws hundreds to the Rangeley Health & Wellness Pavilion every summer.

Arts, Crafts & Museums

Museums and art galleries can be found throughout the Rangeley Lakes Region and the surrounding area. From painting, photography and sculptures to jewelry and glass – something unique and intriguing is always on exhibit somewhere nearby.  And don't forget to take the Barn Quilt tour which not only gives you a leisurely drive through the countryside but displays some extraordinary Barn Quilts.

Plein Air Oil Painting Workshops

Come paint from the Artists Trail in Rangeley, Maine. In the 4-day Plein Air Oil Painting workshop you will hike to one spectacular conservation area each day and paint in outdoors in the unique geographical wonders.  Award winning Plein Air Painters come and help beginners and experts alike hone their skills. Absolutely no experience in painting in oil outdoors is required, although experienced oil painters are welcome to participate as well. This annual 4-day workshop is sponsored by the Rangeley Friends of the Arts and the Rangeley Heritage Trust. Come and be a part of a workshop that puts life back into your outdoor painting experience!

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