Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Join Our Chamber


Whether you're an individual or a larger business, the Chamber will promote your services to a broad audience.  We offer different levels of membership and several options for presenting your business on our website.  Contact us and we'll work with you to determine the best membership level and options to help showcase your business.

Benefits of Membership
The overarching benefit to Chamber members is three-fold: (1) the Chamber conducts marketing campaigns to attract new and repeat visitors, who in turn support our local businesses and potentially buy homes in the area, (2) the Chamber promotes Members and the services they offer directly to visitors and homeowners and (3) the Chamber provides exposure, marketing and advertising opportunities to Member businesses.

Specific benefits include:

  • Offer advertising opportunities that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to individual Members through the use of co-op advertising.  Today, these include print, radio and internet (Google and Facebook) marketing venues.  This marketing provides far-reaching exposure for Member businesses.
  • Feature Member businesses on the Chamber website, the Chamber's brochures and in the Chamber office.  Ads in Chamber brochures now have even greater exposure, as the brochures are also available to browse and download on the Chamber's website.
  • Provide referrals to Member businesses in response to visitor and homeowner inquiries.
  • Promote Member events and specials on the Chamber website, Facebook page and weekly e-newsletter.
  • Include Member businesses in Shopping, Dining and Accommodations Guides.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities.

The Chamber works in conjunction with other regional tourism organizations, such as Maine's Lakes & Mountains, to achieve the broadest possible exposure for our region.