Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Chewonki's Fur, Feet, & Feathers

July 8, 2021
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Rangeley Public Library, 7 Lake Street
Call (207) 864-5529 for more information

Fur, Feathers and Feet explores the basic questions of “What makes a bird a bird?” and “What makes a mammal a mammal?” How are they different and alike? What characteristics do all birds and all mammals have, and what are their functions? These questions are answered in a fun-filled hour of learning. By dressing up two students with the necessary features to make them either a bird or a mammal, a visual identification and comparison can be made. This program is accented with many hands-on materials (feathers, wings, talons), Chewonki's live, male mallard duck, and a live, non-releasable big brown bat, or woodchuck. If time allows, several stuffed mammal mounts may be used in a guessing game based on the information that the students will gain during the program. This is a packed hour-long program of learning activities. It is designed for pre-Kindergarten through grade two.

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