Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Incest, Fur, & Hidden Bodies: The "Cinderella" No One Knows - CANCELLED

July 8, 2020
6:00 PM
Rangeley Public Library
Call (207) 864-5529 for more information

What were Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm thinking when they published—for children and the home—their tales of step-mothers who eat their step-sons, parents who abandon their children in the night-time woods, and fathers who cut off the hands of their daughters in exchange for the Devil’s gold? Author Peggy Yocom will lead you through the world of the Brothers Grimm, using “Allerleirauh” (“All Kinds Of Fur”) as an example. In this complex, controversial, never-anthologized version of “Cinderella,” a widowed King tells his daughter they are about to be married. The story reveals how she—and all of us—may survive betrayal and abuse. To conclude, Peggy will read from her book ALL KINDS OF FUR: Erasure Poems & New Translation of a Tale from the Brothers Grimm that retells this Brothers Grimm tale from the point of view of the heroine.

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