Scales & Tails: Our Cold-Blooded Friends

February 19, 2020
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Rangeley Public Library, 7 Lake Street
Call (207) 864-5529 for more information

Chewonki Traveling Natural History Programs will present "Scales & Tails", a program for reptile enthusiasts.

Many people conjure up images of slimy skin and toothy monsters when they hear the word "reptile". One of Chewonki's instructors will work to dispel some of those myths and fears in an engaging, hands-on program. During this presentation, participants will be allowed to see live reptiles and examine snakeskin, turtle shells, skeletons and other unique reptilian artifacts.

Four of the five major groups of reptiles will be introduced by displaying a live non-releasable snake, lizard, and turtle. In one short hour, the instructor will explain how reptiles are different from other animals and will guide the audience in comparing and contrasting reptiles' adaptations for survival.

All ages are invited. Please sign up at the library.