New Exhibit Opens at Rangeley History Museum; “1906 Glidden Auto Tour to Rangeley”

July 15, 2017
Rangeley History Museum
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 American Auto Association held its first tour in 1904. The subsequent Glidden Tours that followed provided many Americans with their first-ever glimpse of a “horseless carriage”. In 1906, the Tour made a stop in Rangeley. The tours were a combined run rather than a competition. In many towns citizens came out in force to welcome them and Rangeley was no exception! Drivers often lost their way and often had to be pushed or pulled from the mud as most of the road were mere dirt tracks. In several towns, they were not welcomed as the noise scared the horses which then caused them to run wild and damage fences, wagons and buildings. Come see rare vintage images of what was the “Biggest thing to ever hit Rangeley” back in the beginnings of America’s love affair with the automobile. Ongoing throughout the summer of 2017.