Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

New Exhibit Opens at Rangeley History Museum; “Luther Hoar; Rangeley’s First White Settler”

July 1, 2017
Rangeley History Museum, Downtown Rangeley
Call (207) 864-5647 for more information

 2017 marks the 200 Anniversary of the region’s first settler, Luther Hoar and his family. Come learn more about this landmark event in our history. While traveling on snow shoes through the wilderness to their new homestead in Rangeley in the early spring of 1817 and  towing all their possessions on small sledges which included the family’s wooden “bread trough” containing the youngest, an infant daughter, tragedy struck when upon trudging up a long hill an older sibling noticed that the baby and trough were gone! They backtracked and found the wooden trough and baby, fast asleep, after sliding down an embankment just off the trail. The adventure continued and so will yours when you learn more from this new exhibit. The bread trough will be on loan from our Friends at the Phillips Historical Society throughout the month of July. 

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