MOVIE: Indemnity - Maine Independent Film

July 26, 2017
8:30 PM
RFA Lakeside Theater
Call 207-864-5000 for more information

RFA Lakeside Theater presents Maine Independent Film: "Indemnity" (2016). A farmer in small town Maine is days away from the foreclosure of his farm and home. Desperate, the farmer takes a loan from a loan shark, but is quick to discover that the means of paying it back is much more than he bargained for. Completely created in Maine, the film’s run time is 45 minutes.

A meet and greet reception for Writer/Director/Producer Ethan Levesque of Jackman, Maine, will begin at 8 PM with beer/wine and appetizers;  Levesque will also host a Q & A session at the conclusion of the film. Rangeley native Sean Danforth, who stars in the film, will also be present at the event. This film is not rated. One show at 8:30 PM. All Shows $5 and we'll be poppin' the popcorn.

Starring: Ian Jones, David Furtado, and Sean Danforth

Producer – Ethan Levesque

Co Directors – Ethan Levesque and Eric Roth

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