Doll Carriage Parade

July 3, 2017
10:00 AM

This local fun event will be as usual on Monday, July 3rd, the day before the national holiday.   Registration and judging starts at 9 am.  Judging ends at 9:45.  Parade starts at 10am.  The starting point is the lawn of the Rangeley Inn. The ending is the Rangeley Town Park.  The categories will be Walkers, Bikes, Carriages, Wagons, Groups and Child driven Battery operated Vehicles.  We will not be allowing this year flat beds, jeeps, or any motorized vehicles.  Our focus is on making this the kid’s parade, as it was in its inception.  We suggest that larger vehicles and floats contact the other parades.  Hope to see you there!  Questions?  Please contact Jackie at 207-864-5798.