Kennebago Lake Paddle & Lunch at Grants Camps

August 14, 2017
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Kennebago Lake
Call 2078647311 for more information

Have you ever been jealous of the EcoVenture Campers and the trips they go on? Here’s your chance to capture some adult fun with our EcoVenture Director, Amanda Davis and RLHT Volunteer, Ellie White! Paddle Kennebago Lake, converse with these two conservation heroes and have a scrumptious lunch at historic Grants Camps! Hold onto the gunwales, this trip will be fun, beautiful and delicious!

Cost: $40. Time: 10 AM – 2PM. Age min 18. Limited to 12.
All programs are offered to members and non-members.Registration is required. To register please call (207) 864-7311 or email