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Open Auditions: We're Alright, A Juke Box Musical

November 6, 2022
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
RFA Lakeside Theater
Call (207) 864-5000 for more information

We are looking for:

Cast and Crew for RFA’s Winter Production of “We’re Alright”  A Juke Box Musical 2020-2022, An RFA Original.


ACT 1: Old man and his wife own a fur shop in Chicago. They want to retire to the south. Various people come into their shop to salivate over, touch, try on, berate the furs. Angela wants to sell her gorgeous fur (from Larry) to finance a vacation to Italy. Tiffany comes in with Larry to buy a beautiful fur of her own. Stephan drags Charlene in to help him buy a fur. Charlene is NOT into it at all. Kyle sees Stephan. (ping!) Jayne comes in to trade in her grandmother’s fur for a fur of her own. Moonbeam protests the fur shop on the sidewalk outside. Jayne and Moonbeam argue the merits of fur.  Moonbeam eventually throws red paint (ribbons) all over Jayne’s coat.

ACT 2: Kyle visits the fur shop often.   Jayne returns and buys a new coat and goes out and sees Moonbeam, who is out on bail with a new more peaceful protest. Jayne forgives her and gets behind her new protest. Stephan returns, buys a fur and meets Kyle. Charlene reconnects with Angela, her best friend from high school. Charlene & Angela decide to go to Italy together.  Stephan & Kyle both love fur. Stephan looks at the fur shop as an investment. Kyle agrees to manage the shop with Stephan’s financing. They develop a new market. Everyone celebrates! Problems/conflicts: Fur has fallen out of favor, BUT.  Leather is okay. Hamburgers are flying out of fast-food joints. Why is warm and cuddly fur bad? Don't plants cry? Fur is organic, recycle-able, upcycled, reused, lo-fat, sugar-free, gluten-free etc. Faux fur is polyester, a PETROLEUM PRODUCT!!! Horrors! Multiple interpersonal conflicts mostly resolved peacefully. Amazing! Larry vs. ex-wife Angela vs. new wife Tiffany. Mabel and Sidney want to sell the shop and retire, but no buyers. Moonbeam has mental health issues, emotionally supported by her parents Sidney and Mabel.

SET: Black box set, minimal walls.  Most of the center stage is the fur shop with a long rack of coats across the back at a slight diagonal, a mannequin SR, a counter display case with cash register SL, and a nice waiting chair DSL. Far stage left is the antique shop suggested by a nice desk & lamp in front and behind that stacked nice antiques. There should be shop signs suspended above. The stage right is street area for action with USR exit being the street to coffee shop. The front 4-5 ft of the stage is the street where people meet and cross. Exits: DSL & DSR are streets;  There are exits at the back of the fur shop and the antique shop.

Cast of Characters:  Cast total= 10  (5 M, 5 W)
Sidney: late 60’s yo, Husband to Mabel.  (Like George Burns)
Songs: (6) Opener, Finale, Kokomo, It’s Now or Never, My Best Girl, Oops
Lines: Act 1- 25, Act 2- 16
Mabel: late 60’s yo. Co-owner of the shop with her husband, Sidney. They want to sell the shop and move south. (think Gracie Allen crossed with Alice, Jackie Gleason’s wife)
Songs:(5)  Opener, Finale, Kokomo, My Best Girl, Oops
Lines: Act 1 – 60, Act 2 – 12
Kyle: 30 – 40 Gay man, a flirt, owns the antique shop next to the fur store.
Songs: (6) Opener, Finale, Kokomo, Oops, Styling, Sway
Lines: Act 1 – 19, Act 2 – 24
Angela: 35-45 yo, Past Miss Texas and ex-wife of Larry, Texas oil tycoon.
Songs: (4) Opener, Finale, Heart of Glass, I’ve Had the Time of my Life
Lines: Act 1 – 12, Act 2 – 9
Larry:  45-70 yo, Texas oil tycoon, ex of Angela and presently married to Tiffany
Songs: (3) Opener, Finale, I’m Always True to You Darling
Lines: Act 1 – 6 Act 2 – none
Tiffany: 25-35 yo, recent Miss Texas and trophy wife to Larry.
Songs: (3) Opener, Finale, Confident
Lines: Act 1 – 8, Act 2 – none
Stephan: 30-40 yo Gay businessman, Lively.
Songs: (4)  Opener, Finale, The Best Things in Life are Free, Styling
Lines: Act 1 – 14, Act 2 – 17
Charlene: 50-60 yo Business woman. Friend of Stephan
Songs: (4) Opener, Finale, The Best Things in Life.., I’ve Had the Time of My..
Lines: Act 1 – 8, Act 2 – 11
Moonbeam: Estranged daughter of Mabel & Sidney, 30’s. habitual protestor. No cause is too small. Recent convert for PETA.
Songs: (4) Opener, Finale, Fire, My Best Girl
Lines: Act 1 – 17, Act 2 – 13
Jayne:  40-50 yo. Biologist, single, classic, Has had career and financial success.
Songs:(4)  Opener, Finale, I’m Alright, Sway
Lines: Act 1 – 21, Act 2 – 24
Audition Details:
Auditions: Sunday Nov 6th 1-3pm, Lakeside Theater.
Can’t make the audition time? Please contact Val Zapolsky, Director at (920) 279-0548 PRIOR to audition date.
Video auditions must be sent to the email address below by no later than Nov 5th, so we can review your audition with everyone else’s.
Contact Information:
If you are looking to send in a video audition or looking to join our crew as a non-cast member, please contact Val Zapolsky, Director at (920) 279-0548 or send an email to: Rangeleyarts@gmail.com


Production Details:

Performances: Feb. 18, 19, 20, 2023 at 7PM RFA Lakeside Theater, Rangeley, ME

Schedule Requirements:

Rehearsal schedule to be determined. Please be sure that you are available for performance dates.

Physical Requirements:

Memorization of lines

Memorization of stage blocking

Learn and memorize specific physical skills of the character role

Be absolutely ridiculous and silly on stage!

For complete information about the audition process, song links and requirements, visit Rangeleyarts.org and click on the “Get Involved” tab at the top of the page.

The RFA is always looking for new talent and there is a broad range of roles: TRY SOMETHING NEW! The RFA is celebrating its 54th Year of presenting the arts in the Rangeley Region. For the RFA’s complete schedule of events, visit www.rangeleyarts.org.

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