Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

OWL Club (Our Weekly Library)

December 1, 2022
2:45 PM to 4:00 PM
Rangeley Public Library
Call 207-864-5529 for more information
Come join us at the Rangeley Public Library for O.W.L. Club. This year we are off on a journey across the globe! The world is full of amazing, wonderful places, each with their own unique creatures and cultures, and books teach us the skills we need to learn from anything or anyone we might encounter.
How does one dance the Dragon Dance?
Where does the Echidna live?
Why are there all these numbers on my book?
What is the word for “help” in Mandarin, Spanish, or French?
When is it time for snack?
All these questions and more to be answered at Our Weekly Library Club!
Owl club each week includes Snack, an energetic activity, a new skill to learn, and a new book to explore.
Will you join us on our adventures? The O.W. L. Club meets every Thursday 2:45 PM - 4:00 pm, following the school schedule. You can take the bus from school to the Rangeley Public Library. We recommend you inform the front office if you intend to use this option.

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